Monday, December 5, 2016

Polka Dot Stripe Snowflake Day 5 2016

She is on a race against the Pony's, who will win.....  Polka Dot Stripe Snowflake or Rainbow Dash, maybe even Shutterfly. The Lego finish pole with snowflake ribbon is a finishing touch... No pun intended.

Polka Dot Stripe Snowflake Day 4 2016

Our little Elf decided to try out doing her own hair, lets just say she looks like she came out of a flower patch.

Alivia said Polka Dot Stripe Snowflake needs hair bow advice.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Polka Dot Stripe Snowflake, Day 2 2016

That crafty Polka Dot Stripe Snowflake decided to get into the toilet paper and make a Snowman.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Snowman Bulb Ornament 2016

We decided to go with anouther bulb ornament and made a Snowman this time.

 Here are the supplies we will be using: clear bulbs, white pom poms, white craft snow, black and orange paint markers by Sharpie, and white with red snowflake ribbon.

All purchased at Micheal's Craft Store except the Craft Snow, that was from Target $1 Spot.
 Alivia choose the white pom poms, I purchased three bags and she just about filled her bulb with two bags.

Each bag has 65 pom poms in it.
 Alexis choose the craft snow which is super staticky and kind of annoying but we rolled with it.
 All filled up.
 I primed the paint markers per the instructions and drew on a face for Pivia and she colored it in.
 Here is Alexis finished face.
After Pivia saw Alexis face she immediantly went with her sisters and thats what it looks like.

Would you like to see how we created the Reindeer Bulb Ornament, CLICK HERE.

Polka Dot Stripe Has Arrived Day 1, December 1st 2016

Our silly little elf named Polka Dot Stripe has arrived, she flew into our house and landed under our tree early in the morning.

We watched the Elf DVD last night to help get the girls to remember why the Elf was here and what to do and not to do.

Alivia is really into the Elf this year and decided she ( our Elf is a girl ) needed a name from her since Alexis named her when she first arrive 3 years ago.  So we decided to go with Polka Dot Snowflake Stripe.

I think in the end Alivia will call her Snowflake and Alexis will call her Polka Dot Stripe, who knows maybe anouther Elf friend may show up later in December.

Here she is Polka Dot Snowflake Stripe

She brought along a letter from Santa.

Cute little postage stamp on her box.

Glittery SANTA letters with a snowflake.

The girls never noticed what was behind the tree, I will tell/hint them to it after school.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Reindeer Bulb Ornament 2016

We are continuing making our handmade ornaments, I am hopeing one a day up until Christmas so we shall see.

I found this inspiration on Pinterest, I believe they also got the idea from Micheal's Arts and Crafts Store, CLICK HERE for details.

Here are the supplies we will be using, granted I only needed to purchase one bag of filler but it was only $1 from the Target $1 spot.

I also got out some sparkly red pom poms which Alivia used and me and Alexis decided to go with red pom pom.
 We started off by taking the top of the ornament bulb and filling it with the brown crunchy filler paper.

You can also substitute brown pom poms, or even cut up some brown construction paper.

Put the tops back on the bulb when your done.
Using a hot glue gun, I held the bulb and applied the glue and the girls added the nose and eyes.

Alivias bulb with the sparkly pom pom.
Alexis bulb with the traditional red pom pom.
 OK so I wanted to make sure the antlers come off all the time and get lost so I added a small dab of glue to the front and added the pipe cleaner, then I added a small dab in the back and wrapped it arouind the back.
 I cut a additional pipe cleaner into four equal pieces.

I think a brown sparkly pipe cleaner would be neat too along with a brown pom pom or sparkly brown pom pom.
 I put the cut pipe cleaner behind the ear and wrapped around the antler, pulling tight.
 I added some cute ribbon that the girls picked out and also used a permenant marker to add their name and year to the back.
 Alivias ornament, we trimmed her antlers just a bit per her request.
Alexis ornament, she left her antlers long per her request.

All the other materials I purchase at my local Micheal's Arts and Crafts Store.
I purchased the brown filler at the Target $1 Spot.

Micheal’s brand is called Recollections

their website is

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Craft Stick Kit Reindeer Ornament (from a Micheal's Creatology Kits)

Anouther Craft Stick Kit ornament from a Micheal's Craft Store, this time a Reindeer.

 By this third ornament today Alexis is really understanding the just a dot not a lot phrase of glueing things together.

These ornament took the least amount of time to dry.
Alivia sorting everything out before she gets started.

 Here is the back, I hot glued the ornament string on the back and also used a sharpie marker to write their names and year.

Alivia glued her antlers on the back and Alexis decided to glue on the front.
 Here is how the antlers look from the front, Alivia on the left and Alexis on the right.
Hanging on the tree.

 A little sneak peak of the Snowman Craft Stick Kit we made.

Find out more CLICK HERE.
A little sneak peak of the Santa Craft Stick Kit we made.

Find out more CLICK HERE.

All supplies were included in the Kit's except the glue, we used Elmer's Glue.  I also decided to Hot Glue the hangers on for better stability.

Micheal’s brand is called Recollections their website is
- I tried looking on their website and Amazon to buy the kit online and found no info

Craft Stick Kit Santa ornament 2016 (from a Micheal's Creatology Kit)

To continue with using Craft Stick Kits from Micheal's Craft Store, their Creatology brand I brought out the Santa.

 I love working on the 12X12 card stock paper because we can reuse and toss when done.

Little kids get glue on their hand and automaticly want to wipe on the table, and because we have the mat it is ok to wipe them on it.
 Again Alexis is soaring threw these projects and needs very minimal help.
 Alivia is taking her time.
 Here he is drying before adding the hanger with dabs of hot glue on the back.
 I am using a permanent marker to write there names and the year on the back.
Here we added some loose glitter to the hat rim and pom pom.

We did that by using an old paint brush and Elmer's Glue then adding the glitter and tapping the excess off.

 Here is with the living room light on, no flash.

Here is with the living room light off and no flash.

Here is a peek at the Snowman Craft Stick Kit, CLICK HERE.

Micheal’s brand is called Recollections their website is
- I purchased the Craft Stick Kits from Micheal's on sale, I can not find a link on their website or Amazon for purchasing now.

All supplies are included except Elmer's Glue, I decided to use my Hot Glue gun for the hanger and adding glitter from my craft stash.

Craft Stick Kit Snowman ornament 2016 (from a Micheal's Creatology Kit)

This year we are making Hand Made Ornaments for our tree, My mom has a box of my own Hand Made ornaments and I want to be able to give a box to the girls when they get older as well.

Today we started with a Micheal's Craft Stick Kit.

All that was needed per the kit was Glue, I decided that we would also Hot Glue the string to the back instead of Elmers Glue.

 Here is a picture of the kit, its from their Creatology collection, it also has a Christmas and Noel on the packageing.

The are 15 pieces included.

No paper instructions we included but it was petty easy to just follow the picture.
I am letting the girls work on a 12X12 piece of black card stock to catch any glue mess.

 Alexis began right away and did not need any help.
 We are using Elmers glue and discovered by omision that the long green piece had to be what we glued the other pieces too.
 Starting out.
 Alexis trying to assist Alivia because she was done way too fast.
Alivia taking her time and making the eyes silly.

 After they were completly dry, depending on how much glue you child uses it roughly takes about an hour.

I flipped it over and added some hot glue to the back and placed the silver cord that came with it on the glue.

I added a bit more to the top just to seal it very well.
 Finished ornaments, I used a permanent marker to write their names and year on the back of the ornaments.
Finished ornament hung on the tree.

Micheal’s brand is called Recollections
Micheal’s brand is called Recollections
their website is

I tried to find the Kit on Micheal's website and on Amazon but I was unable.

All supplies are included except Elmer's Glue, I decided to use my Hot Glue gun for the hanger and adding glitter from my craft stash.

I then decided as we were making the Santa Craft Stick Kit that I wanted to add some glitter to the top of the Santa hat and rim of his hat and Alexis said to add it to the Snowman hat top.

 So we added a dab of Elmer's Glue and spread it around with an old paint brush.
We then sprinkled some fine glitter on top and tapped the excess off.