Friday, February 1, 2013

Rabbit Soup

Rabbit Soup, what kind of name is that.  Well that's what my husband calls this soup and he does not eat it (he doesn't like veggies, hes a meat eater).

Well my Lexi girl LOVES this soup and will devour a whole heaping bowl each time I make it.

So supper easy

Chicken Stock
Frozen Broccoli
Favorite cheese Ravioli (we use Tortellini)

and about 25 minutes to make.

The ingredients, I used about 1 cup to 1 1/2 cups of all the ingredients.
When your stock comes to a bowl add cauliflower and carrots.  Cook for 10 minutes.
Add broccoli and tortellini and cook for 7 more minutes.
Lexi Girls cool bowl, she had a heaping bowl full and ate every bit of it.
Alivias cool bowl
Yummy. That's my bowl.
Yummy yum.

Alivia LOVED the broccoli and carrots.
She didn't care for the cauliflower or tortellini.