Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Colored Noodles

Tonight me and Lexi girl made plain old store bought noodles COLORED. Super easy to do!!!!  We mixed a box of random noodles together and put into 4 different plastic baggies. Added rubbing alcohol to coat them and added liquid food die to each bag. We used red, yellow, green and blue die that you can buy standard 4 pack at the walmart baking isle, I believe it was under 2 dollars. We also got the noodles there as well. Pretty cheap about 1.20 a box and we still have enought to make 1 or 2 more batches of noodles. Gently massaged the bags and let them set for around 20 minutes.  I drained the excess liquid and place on paper towel lined trays to dry. Each color had a seperate tray. After 5 minutes i transfered to a new tray with new towels. It didnt take very long to dry about 30 minutes then i combined the yellow and red to a tray to finish drying and the green and blue to a tray. After anouther 30 minutes they were practicly dry. Still going to have them finish drying over night to ensure they are good and dry before I let alexis glue them to paper or string on string.  Made this close to bedtime so she could be envolved but not mad becuase they werent dry enought to make a project.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

4th of July Flag Card

This card was made in the beging of June with Alexis. She loves to paint.  We used Clean Colors washable paint in red, white, blue and brown. We also used some silver star sticker and a brown gem sticker. The card is a cream colored card stock. All supplies we got a Micheals but I suppose walmart or hobby lobby would have the same supplies.

1.) Paint palm blue, pointer and ring finer red, middle and pinky white.  Then press onto your desiered paper (we like to count to three before we lift up our hands). Add a brown line and let dry.

2.) Decorate with silver star stickers and the brown gem ontop on the flag pole. I used a blue and red permenant marker to decorate the front of the page. 


Im a busy pregnant mommy who also works full time evenings. My daughter is Alexis and she is 2 1/2 years old. My husband works in the USAF.

Ive decided to make a blog following some of the acctivities I like to do with Alexis and also some of my favorites hobbies of scrap booking and card making.