Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Colored Noodles

Tonight me and Lexi girl made plain old store bought noodles COLORED. Super easy to do!!!!  We mixed a box of random noodles together and put into 4 different plastic baggies. Added rubbing alcohol to coat them and added liquid food die to each bag. We used red, yellow, green and blue die that you can buy standard 4 pack at the walmart baking isle, I believe it was under 2 dollars. We also got the noodles there as well. Pretty cheap about 1.20 a box and we still have enought to make 1 or 2 more batches of noodles. Gently massaged the bags and let them set for around 20 minutes.  I drained the excess liquid and place on paper towel lined trays to dry. Each color had a seperate tray. After 5 minutes i transfered to a new tray with new towels. It didnt take very long to dry about 30 minutes then i combined the yellow and red to a tray to finish drying and the green and blue to a tray. After anouther 30 minutes they were practicly dry. Still going to have them finish drying over night to ensure they are good and dry before I let alexis glue them to paper or string on string.  Made this close to bedtime so she could be envolved but not mad becuase they werent dry enought to make a project.

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