Sunday, November 27, 2016

Craft Stick Kit Santa ornament 2016 (from a Micheal's Creatology Kit)

To continue with using Craft Stick Kits from Micheal's Craft Store, their Creatology brand I brought out the Santa.

 I love working on the 12X12 card stock paper because we can reuse and toss when done.

Little kids get glue on their hand and automaticly want to wipe on the table, and because we have the mat it is ok to wipe them on it.
 Again Alexis is soaring threw these projects and needs very minimal help.
 Alivia is taking her time.
 Here he is drying before adding the hanger with dabs of hot glue on the back.
 I am using a permanent marker to write there names and the year on the back.
Here we added some loose glitter to the hat rim and pom pom.

We did that by using an old paint brush and Elmer's Glue then adding the glitter and tapping the excess off.

 Here is with the living room light on, no flash.

Here is with the living room light off and no flash.

Here is a peek at the Snowman Craft Stick Kit, CLICK HERE.

Micheal’s brand is called Recollections their website is
- I purchased the Craft Stick Kits from Micheal's on sale, I can not find a link on their website or Amazon for purchasing now.

All supplies are included except Elmer's Glue, I decided to use my Hot Glue gun for the hanger and adding glitter from my craft stash.

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