Sunday, November 27, 2016

Craft Stick Kit Snowman ornament 2016 (from a Micheal's Creatology Kit)

This year we are making Hand Made Ornaments for our tree, My mom has a box of my own Hand Made ornaments and I want to be able to give a box to the girls when they get older as well.

Today we started with a Micheal's Craft Stick Kit.

All that was needed per the kit was Glue, I decided that we would also Hot Glue the string to the back instead of Elmers Glue.

 Here is a picture of the kit, its from their Creatology collection, it also has a Christmas and Noel on the packageing.

The are 15 pieces included.

No paper instructions we included but it was petty easy to just follow the picture.
I am letting the girls work on a 12X12 piece of black card stock to catch any glue mess.

 Alexis began right away and did not need any help.
 We are using Elmers glue and discovered by omision that the long green piece had to be what we glued the other pieces too.
 Starting out.
 Alexis trying to assist Alivia because she was done way too fast.
Alivia taking her time and making the eyes silly.

 After they were completly dry, depending on how much glue you child uses it roughly takes about an hour.

I flipped it over and added some hot glue to the back and placed the silver cord that came with it on the glue.

I added a bit more to the top just to seal it very well.
 Finished ornaments, I used a permanent marker to write their names and year on the back of the ornaments.
Finished ornament hung on the tree.

Micheal’s brand is called Recollections
Micheal’s brand is called Recollections
their website is

I tried to find the Kit on Micheal's website and on Amazon but I was unable.

All supplies are included except Elmer's Glue, I decided to use my Hot Glue gun for the hanger and adding glitter from my craft stash.

I then decided as we were making the Santa Craft Stick Kit that I wanted to add some glitter to the top of the Santa hat and rim of his hat and Alexis said to add it to the Snowman hat top.

 So we added a dab of Elmer's Glue and spread it around with an old paint brush.
We then sprinkled some fine glitter on top and tapped the excess off.

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