Saturday, October 1, 2016

Pumpkin Leaf Bag and Ghost Sticks

Welcome October 1st 2016 and I am back to managing THREE blogs, what am I thinking, Oh well I will post when I can.  Sometimes more frequent then other times.

Just yesterday the last day of September after school we went out side and raked up some leaves and made some ghost sticks.

 I found these in our Halloween boxes when I pulled them out a few weeks back.

I know you can purchase them at Menard's and your local Walmart has them too I have seen.
 Here we are just getting started.
 The girls picked them up with their hands at first then realized hey lets go get some bowls and then the process took off and I could not rake leaves into piles fast enough.

Here is Miss Alivia.
 Nice crunchy leaves to fill our Pumpkin bag.

We only had enough leaves and patience to fill the big Pumpkin bag.

We even went to the neighbors to rake up leaves because we ran out.
 We went back inside and crumble a sheet of paper and stuffed our ghosts.

The bag had six ghosts in it to make.
 The ground was stiff so daddy will need to push them down further later.
They are super cute and we will see how they do in the South Dakota weather for the month of October.
 Our pumpkin on an old tree trunk.
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