Thursday, December 1, 2016

Snowman Bulb Ornament 2016

We decided to go with anouther bulb ornament and made a Snowman this time.

 Here are the supplies we will be using: clear bulbs, white pom poms, white craft snow, black and orange paint markers by Sharpie, and white with red snowflake ribbon.

All purchased at Micheal's Craft Store except the Craft Snow, that was from Target $1 Spot.
 Alivia choose the white pom poms, I purchased three bags and she just about filled her bulb with two bags.

Each bag has 65 pom poms in it.
 Alexis choose the craft snow which is super staticky and kind of annoying but we rolled with it.
 All filled up.
 I primed the paint markers per the instructions and drew on a face for Pivia and she colored it in.
 Here is Alexis finished face.
After Pivia saw Alexis face she immediantly went with her sisters and thats what it looks like.

Would you like to see how we created the Reindeer Bulb Ornament, CLICK HERE.

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