Thursday, December 1, 2016

Polka Dot Stripe Has Arrived Day 1, December 1st 2016

Our silly little elf named Polka Dot Stripe has arrived, she flew into our house and landed under our tree early in the morning.

We watched the Elf DVD last night to help get the girls to remember why the Elf was here and what to do and not to do.

Alivia is really into the Elf this year and decided she ( our Elf is a girl ) needed a name from her since Alexis named her when she first arrive 3 years ago.  So we decided to go with Polka Dot Snowflake Stripe.

I think in the end Alivia will call her Snowflake and Alexis will call her Polka Dot Stripe, who knows maybe anouther Elf friend may show up later in December.

Here she is Polka Dot Snowflake Stripe

She brought along a letter from Santa.

Cute little postage stamp on her box.

Glittery SANTA letters with a snowflake.

The girls never noticed what was behind the tree, I will tell/hint them to it after school.

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