Tuesday, June 5, 2012


How to Upbeat you Spaghetti sauce using things you already have in your kitchen.

I cant believe that in South Dakota at the end of May I was still able to cook spaghetti in my kitchen.  We live in a older style home that doesn't have central air so it tends to get a bit hot in the summer.  May was a much cooler month so the FAHNESTOCKS took advantage and kept cooking tell Now (June) its finally been staying in the mid 80's.

I have recently been getting bored cooking the same old things every week to every other week. We have our family favorites but I've been trying to JAZZ them up a little.

So with out recent May spaghetti night I decided to add a few extra things into the cheap store bought sauce.

I used up the last of my frozen onions and sauteed them with some chopped baby carrots, I then added some minced garlic and celery salt.  Removed from pan after about 10 minutes or so. Fried up my turkey meat put the sauteed veggies in and added the sauce and some parsley.

I let it simmer while my noodles cooked.

The Finished Product!
Lexi enjoyed it and said LOOK carrots.  Yes my carrots still had a bite to them and that was OK. it was something different and using stuff up from my fridge/freezer.

I also tried a new style spaghetti noodle.  I just don't remember what it was.   I know it was made with Veggies and USAF didn't even notice or complain so it must have been good.

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