Monday, June 18, 2012


So recently I have been getting some monthly subscription boxes. There a huge hit going around the US right now.  Some I have loved and some are down right not worth the money. I'm enjoying them for now but come September/October we will need to budget due to me going part time. I am scared and excited all at the same time. Get to be able to be home with my girls and not have to worry about babysitters and eat at the table TOGETHER for dinner.

OK enough rambling

I got this in my Petite Box for the month of May.  Sadly I believe due to such rapid growth and demand they are going on maternity leave.  I will be getting a June box and that's it, I believe they did an April launch box and that's just how short this company has been around. I got a few other things but I thought this was something different and I've never herd of it before.

              The front side of the tag.

It says......
Under the Nile
Made with 100% Organically Grown Egyptian Cotton
                  The back side of the tag
Manufactured by Under The Nile in Milpitas CA 95035
all new material
100% organic cotton
reg no pa 12479 (eg)
Made in Egypt
What it Looks Like

 The package. I love how the U has a baby rocking on the moon.


Perfectly healthy for your child and our environment.
Under the Nile
100% organic cotton
Also a little tag clipped on that says
13 Villages Project back says
It does take a village - 13 to be exact - that make Under The Nile's fruit and vegetable toy collection. Through teaching and education on making our toys, we supply villagers with daily fair trade work. This project is responsible for providing health care and guidance for maintain overall health. Under The Nile is empowering these communities to lead happier, healthier lives.
 The back Says......

Organically cultivated
grown in Egypt
hand picked
produced in an environmentally friendly manner
dyed with natural, heavy 'metal-free' colors
fair traded for the benefit of all people producing our product
Our natural toy collection is handcrafted from 100% organically grown cotton
Machine washable
its certified by COAE
Miss Alivia sorta playing with it.

Right now Miss Alivia is really into toys that make NOISE so  for now it just goes in the bin.  But i do love there concept.

I went to the website and couldn't find the broccoli toy but there are a TON of nifty toys.

GO check out there websites

Under The NIle

Petite Box

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