Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Review #2

                                                                   June 2012 Citrus Lane Box

Citrus Lane  is another subscription box that I belong to and I have to say by far one of my FAVORITES, for Miss Alivia.

This months Theme was "the little artist".

I haven't completely gone threw the box due to the picture below, my Max Manx cat decided to help. I got to this AMAZING bell toy and then he jumped in and Miss Alivia played a bit then was ready to nap, I will finish outboxing later. 

Miss Alivia (8 months) Max (7 year old Manx cat)

The front of the tag that came with the bell, I love their picture of the kids playing instrument's around the globe.  Oops Lexi girl just corrected me EARTH.
The Bell

The back of the tag says

Introduce your child to the joy of music. Active music making fosters creativity, is a means of self expression, and above all is FUN!

Some other stuff that's too long to type. LOL
Miss Alivia and Max again

This is just the stage she is into right now, NOISE NOISE NOISE.

Citrus Lane boxes always come with pamphlets that have information on all the things inside and usually COUPONS. HELLO that's just awesome for mommy.

I have not had a problem with them yet and this is our 3rd box and the BEST BOX SO FAR.

I believe they will only get better.
Shes looking at Max again wondering if she should touch his stub of a tail. She does and he looks at her and goes back to sleep.

I love This Toy and I am pretty sure once Lexi girl wakes up she will Love it too.

So go check our there websites

Hohner kids Musical Instruments
Citrus Lane

Stay tuned for more review posts on other products. I know I am slow at this but i work full time evenings and take care of Lexi Girl 3.5 and Miss Alivia 8 months.

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