Thursday, June 14, 2012

2012 4th of July Card

What can you do with these items that you most likely have in your Craft room or craft closet.

Need :
Red, White, and Blue tempera, finger paint, or paint you like
Popsicle sticks and white flat bottom gems
blue and black ink pads
Elmer's glue or the glue of your choice
stamp that you prefer or hand write you sentiment
Make this 4th of July card.

 First pain the child's hand as the picture on the left shows. I am trying to use up some big bottles (16oz) of miscellaneous paints that I have. I don't prefer these ones the colors are sloppyish so I cant wait to be done with them and try out some new paint.  The brands we currently have are ArtMinds and RichArt.
Mass Production.

Miss Alivia watching Lexi Girl and Mommy do this project. Shes playing with old baby food containers and the paint bottles.
 I was looking for my staz on ink but couldn't find it because my craft room kinda looks like Lexi girls room when we don't keep it tidy. (FYI I cleaned my craft room up that night while Lexi girl played play doh and watched good old fashion Disney VHS tapes.

I use Studio G ink in black and blue. I cant believe of all the stamps I have that I don't have a Happy 4th of July. So I took the Happy Birthday stamp and used masking taped and masked off the Birthday part of it.
Then I broke some of the Popsicle stick off because it was too long. We added a white gem for the top of the flag pole. We used good old fashion Elmer's glue. Lexi girl did glue drops for the gem and I made a line of glue for her so she could add the stick.

From my last years 4th of July card you can see we used brown paint for the stick and a brown gem for the top of the flake pole. We also used silver star stickers for the stars of the flag. I wanted to include different textures this time so we used the Popsicle stick and the star gems from my stash.

I believe if you want to mail this it will take 2 stamps because of the weight but you can take it to the post office and get it weighed to see exactly. Most times I just stick 2 forever stamps on top because I don't have time to stand in line with a 3.5 year old and a almost 8 month old.

The inside of the card says From Our Family To Yours and I let Lexi girl use the star stamp to stamp a few stars inside. I also have matching 4th of July outfits for the girls to wear.. I will be taking a picture of them with the outfits on and sending that to family along with the cards.

Miss Alivia nd Lexi Girl

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