Friday, April 13, 2012

Snack Happened by itzy ritzy

While browsing the Internet I cam across these Reusable Snack Bags they were on the Citrus Lane Website. I also saw them in the Parents Magazine May 2012 issue on page 28.

I purchased 2 snack bags, one in a skull pattern for nick to take in his lunches and one in a pink and green zig zag pattern for lexi girl.  I used a coupon code from the citrus lane email sing up that i receive. The code gave me 4 dollars off so it almost covered the 8 dollar shipping charge.

The reusable bags were 9.99 each and shipping was 7.95 but i save 20% off which was 3.99. I ordered on 4/8/12 and got the box today Friday the 13th.

It came with instructions on how to wash and care for the bags and ideas on different ways to use the bags.

 The one on the left is nicks and the one on the right is lexi girls
 Supper cute she took it right away after i snapped the photo and put her blueberry's in it.
Nick should be happy with this, it was the skulls or boy child dinosaurs.

There website has tones of different types of bags.  Bags that you can put your children's swimsuits in to the bags you use for cloth diapers. So go check out there website.

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