Thursday, April 26, 2012

DIY Strawberry Planter!

 Start with a decent size pot.
 Drill drain holes on bottom of pot, unless yours has drain holes.
 we used a 3inch drill hole adapter thing to make the holes on the side of the pot. There are 8 holes randomly around the pot.
 Fill bottom with Lexi girls rocks.
 Add a layer of soil that will go right up to the bottom of the first hole.
 Stick in plant, View from the outside.
 View from the inside. Continue layering.

I suppose this would have been even cheaper if i borrowed the drill hole thingingy from my dad but i didn't want to wait. LOL. i used some organic plant food inside, it was on sale at Menard's and cheaper then regular plant food and people are saying organic is better for us.  I also used organic strawberry plants from Menard's as well, they were 3 bucks a piece. the others were 2.49 but they didn't look as great as the others.  All in all i used 12 strawberry plants. 

The reason i decided on making this is because  all the strawberry pots i found were ceramic and ranged from $25 to $30 and they looked breakable if they were dropped or knocked over by a certain 3 year old. 

The drill piece, pot, bottom part of the pot and plant food all cost $25.00.  I had soil in my garage from previous years.  I used one big bag of soil.  There was also a pot bigger then this but i thought it would be too big.

I also got this idea from a friend Amanda Few, she had her husband make one last year.

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