Thursday, April 19, 2012

Painting with Condensed Milk

We had fun Painting with condensed milk yesterday.  Lexi did most of the work. She set up the area, pored the milk, squirted the food coloring, mixed the paint.  She noticed how thick it was and that she had to wait tell it stop dripping. She also noticed since it was thick it took little more pull for the paint to flow on the paper.

 Lexi Girl setting up our supplies. In the right order per her request. (when your 3 things need to be in there correct order)
 Pouring the milk. We managed to get roughly 2 tablespoons per container. It was plenty and we still have over 3/4ths of the can left. I put it in the fridge for maybe next month.
 This was the hardest part for Lexi Girl, Squeezing the food coloring into each container. (the food coloring was from the local dollar store, which I had no idea they sold it. HELLO and a major plus is there bigger bottles then the ones at walmart for almost 2 bucks)
 Stirring it up
 The colors I thought were better then regular paint. Very vibrant.
 Painting with it.
 Lexis Picture
My picture.

All in All this was a fun, fast and easy project. Pretty inexpensive too. Inexpensive brand of condensed milk and dollar store food coloring.  We used containers from sisters baby food to hold the paint. if i had the lids we could have saved the extra, We had extra. So i guess i need to start to save the lids as well.

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