Wednesday, August 15, 2012

DIY Vanillia Coffee Creamer

Just made some coffee creamer and it was easy and quick. Minus my Pint jar too small but it still worked out situation. LOL

So that's What you need, Along with a can opener, small spatula and tsp.

14oz sweetened condensed milk
14oz milk (can substitute heavy cream)
2 tsp vanilla coffee flavoring (or vanilla extract)
Not 1 but 2 pint jars. LOL my mistake after I started the process.

<--------inserts prented 2nd Pint Jar!!!
OK open your evaporated milk and if your using PINT jars put half in one and the other half in the other. No need to get a measuring cup for your milk just add into the 14oz can and again put half in one jar and half in the other jar.

Spatula is to scrape the condensed milk out because its supper thick.
The jar on the right is what I started with when I realized it wasn't going to fit. So lada dada dada, I poured the regular milk back into the condensed milk can and then since the condensed milk is so think it pretty much stayed put in the pouring process, then I dived the condensed milk between the two can and same with the regular milk.
Add 1 tsp vanilla flavoring of your choice to each jar.
And shake shake shake.  I had to opened mid shakes to scrape the jar because again the condensed milk is very thick.
This is what it looks like. YUMMY.
Oh Tassimo its been awhile since I've used you!
Very strong Tassimo Gevalia Signature Cream coffee
OK, I am the gall that likes more creamer then coffee but still like a bit of the coffee taste.

So I counted and I ended up adding 8 TBSP of my creamer, 7 could and would have been fine as well but I was testing and added the extra one.

SO I measured and estimated I could get 7 cups of coffee worth's with 7 tbsp of creamer in each.  

Which works out perfectly because the milk I just opened will last for 7 days.

Other variations

coconut milk and coconut extract  
Heavy cream instead of Regular milk
can add spices if you want
can change the extracts as well
chocolate syrup with peppermint extract  (definitely will be trying that)

Of course this recipe was off Pinterest! 

Would make a good gift, add a ribbon and label and viola, be sure to include a good until so so date (due to the milk)

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