Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mommy Its Hot OUT!

So I asked Lexi girl if she would like to Paint outside on the porch?  She said mommy we cant paint the porch, paint belongs on paper.  I told her i can make out door paint and then she said OK lets do it mommy!

Here's what you need!

Muffin tin or small containers (I used Miss Alivia's 2nd food baby containers, I have been saving them)
Paint brushes (the bigger the better, Dollar store had 3 different sizes for a dollar and you cant beat that)
Food coloring

I used 1 1/2 cups cornstarch and 1 1/2 cups water. The ratio can be changed just use equal cornstarch to water.  We measure 1/4 cup of water into each container and Lexi girl poured the water back into a bowl. I measure out the cornstarch and added it to the water. It was VERY thick and took a little to whisk it up. I put the cornstarch water mixture into a pitcher (easier to pour back into the containers). Lexi girl measure/squirted the food coloring into the containers and we mixed. Then go outside and have fun. But be sure to have a clean porch first. I had to do a quick porch sweep first.

 The set up. Those are the paint brushed I got at the dollar store.
 Lexi girl pouring water back into the mixing bow. Now i know how much water we will need next time.
 Mixing up the cornstarch and water and boy it was thick, it did get easier to mix.
 Poured into a glass measuring cup so that it would be easier to pour back into the containers.
 The tray below is just an old oven tray I don't really care about. Designated Lexi girl craft tray.
 Mixing and Squeezing.
 Dirty deck, I had to sweep up real quick and Lexi girl picked up her toys too.
 Really cool mom.
 Really wet and almost dry.
 I now know you need extra yellow coloring, it didn't turn out so bright like the other colors.
 Theres Lexi girl.
 Again yellow needs more coloring. but they dried like side walk chalk.
 Lexi girl taking a drink break.

So to recap. I know for brighter colors use more food coloring. Especially the YELLOW. Your hands turn colors but hey its food coloring. The paint does get thick at the bottom of the containers so you need to stir if you let it set for a bit.

This was a fun new experience for Lexi girl and me.

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