Sunday, July 1, 2012

DIY Baby Leg's

The prices for Baby leg's, leggings, warmers, or how ever you call them (ie the long socks that keeps babys knees from getting red crawling around) is crazy ranging from $4.00(if im lucky enough to get on cleanence) to $16.00.

So I was going about Pinterest and You Tube and alot of people have different ways to make them.

Heres how I did it.

A pair of knee high socks from Target, and they recently had a TON on cleareance
 $1.75   I got a whole bunch of different patterns.
 Cut your sock UP.   Next time I will  change the lenght on the inside peice (the peice between the toe and heel)   I will cut more closer to each end as long as I can keep the cut as straight as possible. The peice make the cuff of the sock.
 Now cut off about 1/2 inch off that middle part, that will make your cuff a little smaller then the end of your sock, but if your little one has chunkier legs or skinner legs you can adjust the cuff size by cutting more or less.
 Fold inhalf so the patterns face each other and sew a straight stick right down the line. Ive seen some use a zig zag stitch for this part as well.
 Flip the the cuff in on itself. The picture shows it some what. If you have anyquestions just leave a comment.
Take the remaing sock and flip inside out.
Insert cuff inside sock, having raw edges together.
Again threw the videos and other tutorials ive seen people do this differently, with the main sock right side out and the cuff around the outside of it.
Know comes the tricky part, well not realy tricky you just need to take your time and go slow.

Gently stretch/pull/put the raw edges together as you sew, I just did a little then restraightend and did alittle more. Straightening, pulling as you go.

Ive seen a video of someone putting the sock around the inside of machine but I thought it stretched it too much. But those poeple said they washed after they made them and the shrank back.

Either way GO SLOW. I used a straight stitch again.
The top photo is me getting them together and straight/alighned and this photo is how they are when I sew.

Then I repeat top and bottom photo tell I get all they way around.
This photo shows the cuff inside before ive sewn it and after ive sewn it.

Pretty cool huh? My fist cuff EVER!
Finished 1st pair

Miss Alivia Rockin her LEGGINS

The best part is they have room to grow well into toddler hood!

Little close up!
So All in All it took me maybe half hour from start to finish. Totaly worth it, Gonna make MORE.

If you have any questions just leave them below!

Hmm, was gonna spell check my work but its not working, So forgive my spelling.

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